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Ojas Solutions is based in Nepal

sample-image Ojas Solutions, is a Private Limited Company organized and existing under the laws of the Government of Nepal, Office of the Company Registrar, with its office located at Newroad, Pokhara, Nepal. We provide comprehensive IT Support, Software Development, Sales, Helpdesk, Consultancy, Research and Development, Electronics, Communication Technologies, Management Services and Outsourced Business. We support the full range of IT hardware or equipment, Software, Power Backup System and offer maintenance contracts through our certified and experienced Engineering staff.

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Ojas is committed to ongoing research and investigation that empowers others but also takes into consideration the triple bottom line.

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Dipendra Thapa Co-Founder, Ojas Solutions

What impressed me about Ojas Solutions was you could actually sit down, they wanted to know about your Profession or business, they wanted to know how you work, who you service, and then they came back and told us what they can do for you, what was available to us. And that was appealing.

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Pawan Ale Designer, Ojas Solutions

We appreciate the professionalism of Startup and their agility too, working with them was a real pleasure.

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Ajay Maharjan Co-Founder, Ojas Solutions

I have no doubt that our company has opened the door to many, many, many different types of connections that are going to make a big difference in Future.

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Binod Giri Founder, Ojas Solutions

What I think is so fancy about Ojas Solutions is that it's a combination of connecting people. This is how business happens.

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Pragat Kayastha Co-Founder, Ojas Solutions

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